How to make to your next Annual Conference an audience winner

Your company’s annual conference is an exciting forum to convey your corporate plan to your team and to fire them up for the coming year. It’s a great idea but often the momentum is lost when there is little interaction between the presenters and the audience who sit there ticking off the list of presentations anxiously awaiting the next break or lunch.

So how can you make your next conference more memorable? Better still how can you make the audience leave the venue inspired and positively enthused about attending next year?

The answer is surprisingly simple and unexpected – make ‘em laugh.

There is a growing demand for corporate video spoofs (and by that we mean very well made corporate spoofs) that show there’s an imagination beyond the usual death-by-powerpoint. Usually these spoofs are self-deprecating shorts showing the senior management team (or well known) company icons failing to address the key issues of the business. Like a good comedian’s material, the more sharply observed the content, the funnier the spoof.

Really clever companies take a subject like customer service and through comedy accentuate what can go wrong and then use the following presentations to foster ideas for best practice.

By the first break your audience will be buzzing about the spoof and there will be a new admiration for the managers or directors who stepped up to the mark and put themselves up for ridicule.

What’s more the attendees will talk about it when they return to their respective businesses and their teams. Now how often does that happen after a conference?

Oh by the way we specialise in corporate spoofs..funny that isn’t it?