Corporate Video Cost

Very few corporate videos producers list on their websites what their costs are, which is frustrating for those looking for an indicative price and budget prior to commissioning a video.

Most will state that it’s dependent on the video’s scope, which is true to an extent but doesn’t help you if you want a ball-park figure to present to your Marketing Director.

Here are two examples of potential video costs:-

i) A 60 second-web promo with animated corporate logo with one day’s filming on location (assuming a small crew, average travelling and licensed production music). Expect to pay £1,750 – £2,500.

ii) A five-minute product installation video, filmed in two locations with two cameras, sound engineer, graphics, and licensed music. Expect to pay £5,000 – £7,500.

N.B. The golden rule of costs within the industry of “£1k per minute” is highly variable around one to three minutes but is a fair rule of thumb from five minutes onward.

One caveat to the above is that the price of your video isn’t just based on the actual filming on location but also the pre and post-production costs which you, as the client, may not actually be aware of (see my post on Maximising Your Corporate Video Budget).

Using the above is a very general guide – it’s as easy to have an open conversation with the video producer discussing the scope and your budget right from the outset.

No matter what tentative stage you may be at in commissioning, you can ring (more preferable) or email us and we’ll give you an indicative price within 45 minutes.