Maximising Your Corporate Video Budget

Here are some tips, albeit not exhaustive, to maximise your expenditure and time on your corporate video:-

Know your target audience – it may sound trite but we often pose this question and get vague replies. This will have an influence on the length and content of your video. Niche videos will probably be longer and the audience will have a longer attention span because the subject is something they need to know about. Promotional videos will be shorter, quirkier and need to compete for attention. You also need to be clear where your audience will see the video.

Know Your Message – choose the key message and don’t bury it under secondary messages or worse still that your company “was formed in 1926 and has three thousand employees”.

Signed Off Script – probably the key to all successful productions. Have one ultimate representative from your company sign the script off. This person’s sanction is non-negotiable and avoids the minefield of your completed video being shown to stakeholders who should / could have been involved at script sign off. A signed off script, where everyone has had their chance to contribute, avoids re shoots re-editing and difficult conversations with the video company for additional costs.

Insist on Storyboards – a professional corporate video company will do this anyway but make sure the visual style of the video is agreed prior to the shoot. That way both sides know what is expected. At this stage the company will also volunteer information on the use of cranes, sliders and track and dollies to enhance the production.

Fully Brief the Location – whilst the Producer should make contact with the location there’s no substitute for the Client briefing their local or regional office that there’s a film crew coming. Best still to have someone who has commissioned the video accompany the crew and Producer on the day of shooting. Often we’re greeted with the words “ I’d wish we’d known you were coming” followed by “How long will it take?”. The same applies to staff members who have been chosen to appear, they need to be given the context of the video and invited to appear on camera rather than being press-ganged on the day.

As well as commissioning the video you undoubtedly have a day job to fulfil and hence our role is to address all these things through a detailed schedule that works back from the deadline date. You’ll get regular updates on progress and polite nudges when we need some leverage (co-operation) within the business.

Ultimately the client’s reputation and ours hinges on producing an outstanding video on time and on budget.